Calling all the Sisterhood of the Scrapbookers

Today's read not only celebrates the love of Scrapbooking but it also welcomes my new Rating System - The Phantom Paragrapher's Fiery "P" 's .

                                                                  A Page Out of Life

                                          Review : A Page out of Life - Kathleen Reid - April 2008

Are you a fan of Scrapbooking, created numerous albums and wasted hundreds of dollars on Scrapbooking equipment, embellishments, paper and stickers like myself ? If so , then I welcome you to the fellow Sisterhood of the Scrapbookers. The sisterhood motto is "For every photo taken, their is a million ways to use it and present it in a scrapbook". Myself, I have made two scrapbooks - A wedding one for my parents 20th Wedding Anniversary a few years back and I am halfway through a scrapbook of all photos of moi.

In A Page out of Life by Kathleen Reid ,we are transported into the lives of four women as we watch them transform out of their little group of scrapbookers. The main character of the story is Ashley , a mother of four and the daughter of a supermodel and news presenter/journalist . Feeling frumpy and awful , she decides that it is time to re-invent herself and start enjoying the things she loved when she was younger . Her friend, Megan invites her along to her Scrapbooking group and from that moment we read as Ashley starts discovering not only herself but things about her past and present that may not be exactly what she wanted to hear -but it may be for the best. Other's in the group that A Page out of Life focuses on is Tara , the youngest out of the group - a grad student and the only one whose not married with kids, she dreams of love but with an absentee father who will bring a twist in the novel - is her dreams of hope and love dashed or will she find Mr. Right in the least expected places with the least expected man and Libby , a grandmother and semi-retired teacher, she thought it was her turn to rest but what will happen when her son is questioned for company fraud , how will Libby cope when her perfect family world is turned completely upside down and inside out ? It's times like these, that brings out the true meaning of the Sisterhood of the Scrapbookers.

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