Book #2 - The Matchmaker's Trilogy - Bernadette Marie

                                                        ENCORE PERFORMANCE (THE MATCHMAKER TRILOGY)

A couple of months back , I got the privilege to read and review book #1 in the series titled "Matchmakers". Today I have the privilege of bringing to review for you book #2 - Encore Performance by author Bernadette Marie.

                         Review : Encore Performance - Book #2 The Matchmaker Trilogy - 2010

Since the first book , Sophia and David Kendall finally got their wedding day - the one they had planned 8 years ago before she dashed off to join the ensemble of musicians with her cello, of course the book ended on a rockier note with Carissa's real mum showing up and announcing that she had just had another daughter and would like David to take care of it , this ended up in the result of Sophia and David adopting a wee girl and Carissa's already half-sister Hope.
In book #2 we see that a tragedy has occurred and one of the grandmothers has passed away, leaving Carissa with taking on the role of looking after the remaining Grandmother and matchmaking queen Katie. In Number #2 Carissa is setting up a school for children with musical talent especially those who play the Cello like she and her adopted mother Sophie do so well. To help the school out and a close friend , Sophia brings in her ol' music buddy from the ensemble Thomas Samuel. It is love at first sight for Thomas and Carissa however both of them are as a stubborn as each other and won't admit it to one another as they have work to do. Sophia used to the matchmaking herself discovers that the art of matchmaking is like gossip. It will either continue to spread on it's own or sometimes she needs the practice to make it her art form.
Can Sophia bring Carissa and Thomas together , or is their something- way bigger than Sophia expected that is blocking their views from each other?

Find out in Book #2 Encore Performance by Bernadette Marie and I'm now looking forward to the final Book in the trilogy Hope's Discovery.


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