Top Ten Tuesday : Holiday Books

Today's Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by Kimberly and the theme is Top Ten Holiday Books.

This list will be hard to write as Im not really a Christmas Particular reading person , when I think of Holidays I tend to watch films.

  1.  Sundays at Tiffanys- James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonet - I know its not really a Christmas Book but I love the story and I always love reading it around this time of year.
  2.  A Christmas Carol- Charles Dickens - I love this tale of the Ghosts of Christmas Past :)
  3. My Christmas Wish - Ember Case - A Lovely Christmas Tale
  4. First Noel - Heather Graham - A Mystery with a Christmas Twist
  5. Let it Snow - Teen Book with three intertwined stories by Maureen Johnson , Lauren Myracle and John Green
  6. Ex-Mas - Kate Brian - Another favourite teen love story christmas tale.
  7. A Simple Amish Christmas - Vanetta Chapman- Christmas in Amish Country
  8. Film : I'll Be Home for Christmas - Starring Jonathon Taylor-Thomas and Jessica Biel .
  9. Film : Santa With Muscles - Starring Hulk Hogan - My all-time favourite Christmas Film
  10. Film - Home Alone 1 and 2 - Starring Maculay Culkin .
I couldn't think of anymore Christmas Holiday Books , so the last three are movies I watch every Christmas.


  1. I've seen Sundays at Tiffanys in B&N so many times and I always wondered if it was a good book. I might just pick it up and read it this year. Speaking of A Christmas Carol, I just bought that book today-I've never read it, but I've seen a ton of film and stage versions.

  2. I find it amazing that people are having trouble coming up with holiday reads! Check out my list. I love holiday books. I could have easily listed fifty! Here's my list of Top Ten Books to Read During the Holidays.

  3. Don't feel bad about adding movies to your list. Mine are all children's books that were read to me by my mom ages ago. I'm more of an Xmas movie watcher now. The Home Alone movies are great! Here is my Top Ten Tuesday.

  4. I completely forgot about I'll Be Home for Christmas! That was a funny one :o)

  5. I just started Let it Snow last night so I didn't feel like I should include it on my list, but I am very excited because I am a huge John Green fan. I added the first lines to my selections. Hope it gives you a feel of what the books are like.

  6. Love Home Alone! I don't know HOW I forget Home Alone to add to my list! I read Let it Snow. I thought it was pretty good!


  7. great list!! thank you for stopping by and following my blog :)

  8. New Follower! I just bought Let it Snow this past weekend...on sale at Books-A-Million! Yay for Holidays!


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