Monday, November 15, 2010

Perform Like a Rock Star -Orna W Drawas

                                                                Perform Like A Rock Star and Still Have Time for Lunch

I don't normally read alot of non-fiction books and review them on my site, but every now and again - a non-fiction book will pop up and it'll be something / a topic that I am interested in. Today's book "Perform Like a Rock Star and Still have time for Lunch" was sent to me for a review by The Cadence Group.

Review : Perform Like a Rock star and Still have time for Lunch - Orna W. Drawas - April 2010

In a world that is so competitive and every one is fighting for their right to be bigger, better and more successful than everyone else, it's no wonder that we have to think and act and perform like a rock star. Think about a rock star's life - it may be glamorous from the outside and have lots of money etc but if you look a little closer - its actually hard work which contains hours of gruelling singing lessons, rehersals, practices and then you have to go out and perform even when your'e feeling a little under the weather as you have an obligation as a rock star, the same goes with tv celebrities and sports stars.
In Perform like a rock star , Orna Drawas takes us on a journey to exceeding our peak performance levels and offers you a clear mind-map and vision of achieving those goals with the mantra "I have more to do with less time and less resources". Save the mundane and daily things for specific time blocks and focus on the big things that matter e.g instead of checking your email constantly and replying then and there, set a time block of say 2hours in the day to catch up on emails and phone calls.
What I love best about self-help books is the continual array of everyday examples that help back up what to do along with the fun quotes, cartoons and music lyrics.

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  1. Thanks for the great review of my book. You hit the nail on the head.... with -- more to do in less time than ever before. Either you choose to control "it" or "it" controls you!! Here's to a Rockin' 2011. Orna Drawas, author, Perform Like a Rock Star and Still Have Time for Lunch. www.OrnaSpeaks.com


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