Hunger - Jackie Morse Kessler


Today's Book takes us on a journey of real-life mixed with a hint of supernatural - it's an Edgy content book teaming up with supernatural .


                                  Review : Hunger - Jackie Morse Kessler - October 2010

I was so excited when this book came avail via Netgalley , it is one that has been on my list to read and it proved to be worth the wait - from the amazing cover to the inside story. I have always been one who likes to delve into the genre of Edgy Content with topics such as Drugs, Alcohol, Mental Illnesses and Eating Disorders. Hunger is Edgy Content mixed with the Supernatural or in this case the Apocalyptic . Hunger tells us the story of Lisa aka Lisabeth who suffers from a form of bulimia - the type that counts how many calories she eats but instead of purging/ vomiting  she over-exercises. This is what Jade did on Home and Away all those many years ago. Her new best friend Tammy is also bulimic but tends to prefer purging/vomiting rather than exercising. The novel starts with Lisa trying to end her life - suicide when she gets a knock on the door from Death himself- he has a proposition for her - In return for not ending her life, she has to be one of the four horseman of the apocalypse - her horse "Famine". It is by discovering what famine truly is and how it can affect others and even the people you love , that can be the first step in discovering who you truly are as a person and that it's whats really on the inside that counts, not what you look like on the outside. 
This is a book that I highly recommend everybody to read as it has a bit of everything for everybody and especially if you or you know someone who has A) an eating disorder or B) ever thought of suicide.
Trust me, it's more common than you realise - when I was younger going back 7-9 years ago as a teen of 15+  - myself Ive considered both and in A) for a long time - I didn't really starve myself to speak but I watched what I ate and how much I ate.

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  1. Nice review. I reviewed this one on my blog, too. I thought she did a great job on the real life aspects, but I found the fantasy parts lacking. I agree with you, this would be a good book for people struggling with similar real world problems. I think it would be especially good for the loved ones of someone with an eating disorder so they can really see what it's like to struggle with a "thin voice."


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