Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halo - Alexandra Adornetto

Today’s read it almost doesn’t feel right using the little witch reading as though today’s book covers the supernatural creatures of Angels, the main characters are Holy Angels of God not Fallen Angels , part of Lucifer’s crowd – like most of the one’s we have read of.


Review: Halo – Alexandra Adorenetto – September 2010

There are dark forces among thy mortals on earth, it is hereby then your mission in order to save all of mankind to go down to earth and try to rid the towns of the dark forces. Three angels of God, not fallen ones like we have been used to in most of today’s novels have been sent from heaven down to earth to show the humans the way of good not evil. Gabriel – the Archangel, Ivy- A Seraphim and their baby sister Bethany who is 17yrs old and in angel years that is basically an infant. When Ivy meets Xavier and starts to fall in love. The others are worried that she is going off track and will not be able to complete the mission they were sent to earth for. When the dark forces arrive, is Bethany’s love for Xavier strong enough to deter them or is it her love for Xavier that will weaken the angels fight against darkness?

Halo is a book that stands at 400pgs + and is a book that you will either enjoy or not, in some places I found it too be a little long-winded and wanted at times to hurry up and get to the exciting parts but once you find your hook in the book, it is one that you won’t want to put down until you have finished it.

According to the website www.fantasticfiction.com (A gr8 site for finding out new books). Halo is Book #1 of a new trilogy starting by Alexandra Adornetto, so stay tuned for more exciting adventures.

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