Making Waves - Lorna Seilstad

Are you a fan of the christian fiction genre ? I am and something that I have to praise it on lately is that all their book covers are starting to improve and come out quite eye-catching. Today's book had a twist of events, ones that I didn't see headed my way.

                                                                        Making Waves: A Novel (Lake Manawa Summers)

                                         Review : Making Waves - Lorna Seilstad - September 2010

It's the year 1895 and Marguerite Westing is courting someone who is or has to be the worst type of boyfriend in the world. Even as I was reading the book , I was like poor Marguerite as the guy Roger Gordon seems to only want to talk about himself and is so self-absorbed and when going out for Ice-cream , what type of guy orders plain Vanilla ice-cream with no addings. Whereas Marguerite was outgoing, outspoken and quite vivacious - the two did not seem ideally matched. When Marguerite's dad Edward announces that the family are going to spend the summer at the Lake Manawa , Marguerite is over the moon as this means simply = no Roger. Unfortunately for Marguerite , she is about to see a lot more of Roger as her mother informs him of their stay at the lake. It is here on the Lake that Marguerite meets another guy, this one so suited to her -it seems like destiny has bought them together or as we are about to discover it could even be God's Will. However, fate is going to shuffle their cards and throw them both into turmoil as we discover a side to Roger , so evil that he will go to lengths to have Marguerite for his wife even put her family into a penniless situation . Will Marguerite follow her head to save her family and marry Roger and live an unhappy and miserable marriage /life or will she follow her heart and be with Trip - even though the consequences could damage her family's reputation?
Making Waves by Lorna Seilstad is the perfect example of a lakeside Summer Romance in the 1890's. The place where the novel is set is a real place and was once a long, long , long time ago exactly how the author described it.


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