The Accidental Human - Dakota Cassidy

Today's book contains a variety of supernatural creatures from Vampires and Werewolves and even a new creature created "The Werevamp".

                                                             The Accidental Human (Accidental Friends, Book 3)

Review : The Accidental Human - Book #3 - The Accidental Friends Series - Dakota Cassidy- 2009

We all know the tales of Wanda's friends , Marty who turned into a werewolf "accidentally" in book one and Nina who turned "accidentally" into a vampire in book two. Now in Book #3 it focuses on Wanda , who has just discovered that she has stage four Cancer and has 6 months "roughly" to live. Wanting to keep her life intact for a wee while decides to host one last Bobbie-Sue Cosmetic Party and finds herself with a man Heath aka HeathCliff as her new rep . Heath is the type of guy Wanda reads about in all of her romance Mills and Boon type novels and soon Wanda finds herself falling for him , though their is always the nagging thought in the back of her head -that she's not got long. However, Wanda soon realises that with her best friends as immortals -why not her as well and soon she starts plotting and deciding what friend to turn her and A) to be a werewolf or B) to be a Vampire. However Wanda is not the only one keeping dark secrets, we discover that Heath is "the accidental human" and somehow went from human to vampire and now 199yrs later back to human. Will Wanda decide to be a werewolf or vampire and what will happen to the oh-so-adorable Heath when he discovers the secrets Wanda has been hiding and of course it wouldn't be a Dakota Cassidy book without a little bit of fun as we read Wanda's prank calls and her new found confidence and the decision that Wanda makes which will change everyone's  lives.

Stay Tuned for Book #4 Accidentally Demonic which features Wanda's sister Casey.


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