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VBT# Debbie Patten

                                                                  Hearts Without Knowledge: How to Be Free & Made Whole in Your Life

Today on the site , we have author "Debbie Patten" and her book "Hearts without Knowledge". For readers, today we have an blurb of her book and for those who wish to get to know the lady behind the book we have a short Bio and an Interview with the lovely Debbie Patten herself.

Synopsis of Hearts without Knowledge : How to Be Free and Made Whole In Your Life - November 2009

Is your heart free?

Are you battling anger, fear, jealousy, lust, addictions, depression, or judgments? Are you asking yourself why you can't stop this madness? Is your family a mess? Do you think you have to fix them? Do you want to be healthy in your body and live in peace? Do you know God has a destiny for your life? Do you know you can trust God even though you can't see Him? Do you want to know who this Jesus is? In Hearts Without Knowledge, Debbie exposes her complete past as she reveals how God picked her up and totally transformed her life after eighteen years of drug and alcohol addiction. Now filled with a great passion, her heart's desire is for others to know they can also be set free, for he who the Son sets free IS free indeed.

Bio of Debbie Patten :

My whole life I have been an artist. When I was very young I wrotepoetry but never published it. As I grew older new gifts have arrived to my surprise,and the power to share from my heart.

Interview with the Author : Debbie Patten:

1) Q. What inspired you to write your book

A. God.

2) Q. What was it that made you choose the genre?

 A. After excepting Jesus Christ into my life, the journey of my life began. After a few years of restoration God instructed me to write a book.

3) Q. Is there anything of you in your characters?

A. Yes, My testimony encircles the book. As I look around and see so  many people with heart issues, it breaks my heart, so I combined my experiences and how I was restored and how to be free and have great  peace.

4) Q. Has your character or writing been inspired by friends/ family?

 A. Yes, because my family has had many of the same issues.

5) Q. How did your book deal come about?

 A. I began researching the idea of self publishing. Lack of funds made it difficult for me as it does for many. I found Publish America online and they received my manuscript.

 6) Q. What are you working on now?

A. I have a few things and of course several books in my head. I have started on the next book titled "Transparent Jewel" how to believe for your  man of God. I am also working on Christian childrens book titled "Wiley the Chipmunk". Formatting childrens books seems to be a challenge.

7) Q. How have you enjoyed doing publicity?

A. It has been an exciting adventure. There is so much to learn everyday.

 8) Q. Have you previously written anything?

A. Only personal poetry. I have a box full. Maybe I should get them out. I could be sitting on some jewels there.

 9) Q. How long does it take you to write each book?

 A. My first book took a year. I did not have a clue what I was doing.God literally led me through the entire book.

 10) Q. Which come first for you characters or plot?

 A. In my book the characters are all combined in with what was, what is and what is going to be.

 11) Q. How did you get into writing? Did you always want to become a writer?

A. I knew nothing about writing only art. I am super right brained so shapes and colors is all I wanted to do. As my love for the Lord Jesus Christ grew, my heart shifted toward helping others be healed in their hearts from issues in their lives. I am still creating art and jewelry when I can.

12) Q. If you had to have dinner with 3 famous people dead/alive, who would you choose?

 A. First of all, Jesus Christ. I would have many questions for Him & a big hug around the neck. Also maybe a couple of famous artist of the past. Id like to pick their brains.

13) Q.What's you favorite vacation spot in the world?

 A. At this point of my life the grand canyon was breath taking. There  are many more places I want to go.

 14) Q. What is your goals for 2010?

A. To promote "Hearts Without Knowledge", to finish "Transparent Jewel". I also want to become more involved in helping women who have been through hurtful times in their lives.

15) Q. What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

A. First and formost, Listen to the small voice inside that is pulling and telling them to do great things, and don't listen to the loud voice inside that's telling them they can't do great things.

16) Q. To finish off. Do you have a favorite quote from any of your books?

A. Yes, in Hearts Without Knowledge, I say what the Word of God says, He whom the Son sets free IS free indeed. If He did it for me, He will do it for you.

My book can be purchased at http://www.publishamerica.com/  , http://www.amazon.com/http://www.barnesandnoble.com/ , and of course from me. I am working on my website so an if I receive an email for a book I can also sign it and mail it.
My email is debbiepatten7@yahoo.com

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