The House - Anjuelle Floyd


You'll all remember our VBT Stop of Author Anjuelle Floyd last week ,we did an interview with the author and talked about her new book with a synopsis "The House". Today readers, as promised is a review of "The House" by Anjuelle Floyd complete with the input from The Phantom Paragrapher.

                                            Review : The House- Anjuelle Floyd - 2009

For Anna Manning, the past 15 months has been utter mayhem and chaos - filled with hurt and betrayal and a loss of love. After 30+ years of marriage Anna and her husband ( ex-husband to be) if he would hurry up and sign the papers has been battling a divorce and all that has been standing in her way of conquering her dreams and regaining her life is the sale of their prior home - the one that Edward refuses to sign over half too. Anna dreams of moving to France with former rehabilitation patient Inman - Inman is the one person who loves Anna for exactly who she is and has been able to fill in heart with love and the thing that she had missed out from Edward all those years - affection. When their divorce settlement is about to go and become official , Anna realises something is terribly wrong with Edward and finds out that he has stage 4 cancer and has about 6 months to live-if that. With the realisation that Edward is unwell and needs help towards the end of his life - Anna decides to put the divorce on hold and move in with Edward to help and take care of him- like a wife should do. As the story progresses as we can imagine with novels like this we see Edward starting to change and Anna becoming a stronger women . Is Edward's illness the spark they needed to re-ignite their love for one another or is Anna's need and determination to be loved with affection and the way Inman shows it stand in her way ?. This novel is not really about Edward and his sickness but the journey that Anna must endure and take so that she can become that woman she was those many years ago and that when it comes down to the crunch , will Anna choose misery as she has in the past or will it finally be time for Anna to receive happiness back into her life ?
The House by Anjuelle Floyd is a novel of forgiveness and love and the fact that in the majority of situations our salvations lie in others not ourselves.



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