Love Unscripted - Tina Reber

Today's book is one of many reasons , why I love the Chick Lit Genre - it is't nessecary soppy but it does hold a sense of happiness that bubbles up inside of you and you so want to put yourself plenty of times in the shoes of the characters of the book- no matter how sad, happy or angry the characters are. There is something that draws us into the tale.

                                                       Love Unscripted

                                    Review: Love Unscripted - Tina Reber -March  2010

As a voracious reader first and a book reviewer second, I find myself reading a lot of books and I mean A LOT as followers of my blog are aware. One thing that I find enjoyable is that every now and again, Ill pick up or recieve a book that leaves me like WOW and I think - I want to share this book with whoever will listen to me. Love Unscripted by Tina Reber was exactly one of those books. At first , I found even before I started reading it a little daunting as the page numbers stand within the 600's- alot of pages when you compare it to the average novel of roughly 250-300 pages. However, in saying that once I got stuck into it, I couldn't put the thing down it was amazing and I was surprised at how fast I got through it.
Love Unscripted - Tina Reber - March 2010

Imagine back to the days of plastering your walls with teen hearthrobs - my teen hearthrobs ranged from Leonardo DiCaprio , Heath Ledger , Beau Brady , Adam Garcia, David Boreanaz, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman- Just to name a few and have you ever thought about what you would say if one walked in , how would you react ?

For Taryn Mitchell, owner of Mitchell's Pub she never was the sort of girl to fall head over heels for Hollywood stars until now. When the news breaks out that the filming of movie Seaside 2 is to take place in the small town of Seaport, Rhode Island - all hell breaks loose as women flock to get a look at lead guy Ryan Christansen. After being chased by rabid fans and paparazzi, Ryan finds a safe haven in Taryn's Pub. Soon these two find themselves drawn closer and closer together ,however Taryn can't let herself get hurt again and has sworn off dating especially when it comes to Hollywood Actors. Can Ryan prove to Taryn, that he is not the player the gossip rags make him out to be and help Taryn lower her guard or for Taryn, will this end up being "the one" who got away? A fun and can't put down novel of Hollywood , Gossip and the meaning of love filled with texts, pool and a good round of poker.

After reading the book , I took a look around her website , a feature she had was who would play each character - For the bodyguard Kyle - she had Paul Walker and Chad Michael Murray , Me I always imagined Kyle as a guy with a bit more muscle maybe more like Vin Diesel or Timothy Olyphant even maybe as a third choice Jason Statham - though he'd need to bulk up a bit.
For the character of Ryan , now him I could imagine as Paul Walker , the blonde sandy hair even maybe now depending on the age of Ryan I'd go with Simon Baker from The Mentalist.
For the role of Taryn, they had cast a blonde , where as I was reading the book , I kept imagining her as  a brunette or dark haired role - depending on the age of Taryn - I would have gone with Lauren Graham who plays Lorelai on Gilmore Girls or for a younger role Eliza Dushku.

What about you ? Who would you choose to play the cast if ever Love Unscripted was to come to the big screen or that little box well in some people's cases big box that sits in our homes.


  1. Sounds like you really enjoyed the book - will keep it in mind when I'm in my library next :)
    An old follower - Dee, hopping from e-Volving Books

  2. So glad to hear that others love it as much as I do!!! I too pictured Taryn as a brunette. Don't know why. But then I pictured Ryan as Rob Pattinson.....*sigh*

  3. Tina Reber is a fantastic author. Once you read this book, you will definitely read the other book in this series. Great reading, heart wrenching, with a touch of fantasy every woman desires.

    Micky Johnson (Garage Door in Bellevue, WA)


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