Switch - Carol Snow

Wanting a good teen read , that has the slight hint of supernatural "out of body moments" but mainly deals with everyday teen life and issues.


                                   Review : Switch - Carol Snow - September 2008

Ever wondered what it would be like to take a walk in somebody's shoes ? Well for Claire, it can happen to her literally as she has the gift of switching. Whenever their seems to be a electrical surge of sorts , she ends up in somebody else's body. At least , she has always relied on being back in her own body the following day until now. When Claire ends up switching bodies with Larissa , a barbie doll type girl - she finds herself enjoying the body for a day or two but soon she realises that she might be stuck in Larissa's body forever.So she might enjoy it while she can. As Claire discovers more about Larissa, she can have sympathy for her and decides to do some fixing with Larissa's life. What happens though when Nate "Claire's crush" falls in love with her but in Larissa's body ? Will Claire be able to play it cool or when she gets her own body back - will their be feelings still lingering for Nate? A Story that has a twist on the fairytale of The Prince and the Pauper but with a ghost tale rather than identical twins.


  1. Sounds very interesting, thanks for sharing!
    I'm always looking for a good light Sci fi read and this sounds just right


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