Balancing Acts - Zoe Fishman

Into Yoga and Chick-Lit , If those are two of your favourite things as Julie Andrews sung on The Sound of Music , then today's read is ready for you to pull out your yoga mat and lie down and read

Balancing Acts: A Novel

Balancing Acts - Zoe Fishman - March 2010

Are you one of those girls who loves getting together with girlfriends and hanging out, what about loves to read books along the lines of The Christmas Cookie Club by Ann Pearlman , Jane Austen Book Club etc. If so then today's book is perfect for you and it also has a double benefit of teaching you about Yoga at the same time. Main character , Charlie had it all - working hard through college , she became a Wall-Street tycoon , made lots of money until one day it seemed pointless and she went through a life-changing experience, what some may have called a quarter-life crises and opened up a Yoga Studio. Now on the night of her 10yr college reunion, Charlie thinks this is the perfect opportunity to drum up some business for her studio. At the college reunion, Charlie reconnects with three old classmates whose lives and dreams haven't gone exactly to plan and Yoga and friendship may just be the recipe that they all need to kick start their lives again. We have Romance Book Editor Sabine , who has been harbouring her novel inside of her waiting for the right time to pen it down , Naomi who was once the starlet and photographer is now a single stay-at-home mother and Bess , who dreamed of becoming a famous journalist is now stuck writing for a trashy tabloid.
Read as the four friends take a trip down memory lane and head to Yoga Class where each will forge a bond of sisterhood and realise that it's never too late to re-evaluate our lives.
This seems to be a huge topic at the moment , the journey to re-discovery especially with the release of the movie Eat, Pray and Love starring Julia Roberts based on the book with the same title by Elizabeth Gilbert.


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