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Immanuel's Veins - Ted Dekker

In a way I feel a bit odd giving this book this symbol as I kind of feel an symbolism of girly Christian Fiction associated with the Christy symbol, and Ted Dekker is definitely not a Girly or even light-hearted Christian author. He is one of the few who manage to push the boundaries of edgy Christian fiction that little bit further than the average person and still manage to come out with a beautifully crafted novel.

Immanuel's Veins

Review: Immanuel's Veins - Ted Dekker- September 2010

Wow , where do I start with any of Ted Dekker's books they are the kind that are written in a way that gives the novel a sense of historicalness and also a feel of Christianity but on the other hand touches a side of fantasy , mystery and thrill with a hint of adventure chucked into the mix. It seems however that nobody is safe with the rise of Vampire Fiction as we see Christian author Ted Dekker touch ever so slightly into the realm of Supernatural.
In Immanuel's Veins we witness the release of two warriors Alek and Tomas who on the orders of Catherine the Great are to go forth and protect the twin daughters of a fellow monarch. It is upon the arrival to the castle that they are fully aware of how promiscuous one of the twins are and Alek ever the playboy falls for her. During the ball , we witness a group of Russians who we later down on the track in the novel notice that they slightly resemble what you and me may call Vampires.
As their time is spent looking after the twins Tomas the Warrior starts to develop feelings for Lucine but as he knows his place is to protect her and not take advantage his string values and morals shine through in the novel whereas Alek is a playboy through and through.
We read as further down in the track the Vampires come to claim Lucine and have Natasha and Alek under their spell . It is up to Tomas to go in and rescue them , with his love for Lucine burning strong -will this give Tomas a clear head or will it cloud his judgement in doing what is right ?
As always Ted Dekker's novels come complete with a story and a meaning and read as we discover the depth of Immanuel's Veins as a tale of one man's (Tomas's) journey to find redemptive love and that no matter who we are or what our past may have been - we can always find redemption and love.
Immanuel's Veins is a novel that should be on everybody's to read list whether you rate yourself as a Christian or an Non-Believer.

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  1. sounds intriguing. i haven't read ted dekker for a while now but own about 8 of his earlier books - which i loved. i'll have to add this to my christmas list.

    i agree he would be hard to review - you've done a good job.


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