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                                                  Dead Practices
I've kind of been in a Zombie mood lately and surprisingly enough I am starting to enjoy them as Zombies have never really been high on my list of Supernatural creatures as who really wants to date someone who eats brains and has rotting flesh, Zombies in novels compared to Vampires and Werewolves have not really stood the chance at sounding like hot stuff , though just to give you a heads-up the Zombies in this book aren't actually hot stuff material either, just in case you thought this book was going to turn out a soppy Zombie novel.

Review: Dead Practices - Shells Water - July 2010

Dead Practices from the cover it gives you a hint that this novel is going to be a Zombie novel , but what exactly it is like you will have to open up and start reading and once you do , you won't be able to stop and it will even have you laughing in places with it's wittiness and humour. I'm not normally one for reading comedy type books but Dead Practices I loved as the humour wasn't ridiculous and over-obvious and it was a series of quick quips. Dead Practices focuses on Zombie Lawyer Jerrod and Police officer Rusty whom has just had a murder and the main suspect is a Zombie - Ken Yearns . When Jerrod is examining the body , fingers and all sorts of limbs swaying and slowly decaying , he gets a phone call from Rusty explaining that the suspect has escaped the jail and burnt it down with his hoard of Zombie army. We are soon chucked on a journey of zombies - good vs evil and the side-effects of Zombie enhancement drugs as we discover that the drugs have caused Ken to have mind persuasion powers with his rotted brain. A clever idea that I liked in Dead Practices is that they are a firm believer of Superglue and use it continually to stick their limbs back on.
This is one Zombie novel that is action-packed , fast paced and thrilling and in places will leave you laughing . So readers, come on and try something new in the Supernatural world- Say Goodbye to Vampires and Werewolves and Hello to Zombies .


  1. Thanks for the great review...
    I've never really read any Zombie Novels, but this one seems great if I want to start...


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