Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Entangled - Barbara Brink

Something that I admire when I'm writing book reviews and in my running of my site, is authors that have self-published their books or who are doing their own self-promotion - getting their name out there on all the book blogger lovers sites. It's also a great experience as you can discover all these book treasures that you may not have had access to otherwise.

                                          Review: Entangled - Barbara Brink - September 2010

When Billie's Uncle Jack dies , he decides to leave his whole entire estate - a Californian Vineyard to her. Billie is unsure why, as according to her recollection of memories -she has never met this Uncle Jack and why her of course -it's not like she is an only child. As Billie and her mother accompanying her on the journey fly to California from their hometown of Minneapolis - she can't help wondering in the back of her head - why her and especially since she doesn't have any interest in alcohol. Once Billie arrives , she is greeted by Handel aka Handy - a worker on the Vineyard and one of Uncle Jack's closest friends - Handel is like the son Jack never had- So of course we start to see several hints and strands of resentment grow between Handel and Billie as he doesn't think she deserves it. As time goes by, we start to see Billie recalling bits and pieces of her time on the Vineyard when she was eight - and we start to wonder why Billie couldn't remember it earlier on in the novel. Is the past really that bad to hide away and as Billie starts re-calling it also opens up some of her mother's old skeletons and can start a domino effect on everything that they once knew. What if everything you ever believed in was a lie and nobody felt the need to let you in on the truth-until now? A Novel where the truth never stays dormant for long and no matter how hard somebody tries to hide it and at lengths -it always comes out in the end.

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