Sunday, November 7, 2010

Heart of Glass - LA Dale

It's Chick Lit time again , Today's book is for all those music lovers who every now and again -love a bit of chick-lit on the side and especially those who think that Love is a Mixtape and even more those people who I am envious of who can make playlists out of reading a book.

                                                               Heart of Glass

                                      Review : Heart of Glass - LA Dale - June 2010

Whoever said Love is like a mixtape and life is a continual journey of songs that spark memories , had my life to a T. Heart of Glass starts in the year 1987 (the year I was born) with Bella being a career girl and a she definitely has been through her fair share of problems to get through where she is today. However, just as Bella thought she was done with all the cards fate could deal her- she is confronted with a blast from her past. When are then transported back to the year 1979, Bella is a shy, naive 15yr old girl with a crush on 18yr old footballer Ben. What follows is a soundtrack to Bella's life featuring hits from U2 and Blondie and of course Ben weaving in and out.Is Bella finally ready to move on and forget about Ben or is your first love , the one with chemistry at it's strongest? Heart of Glass describes how no matter what happens , all our hearts are fragile and that the slightest thing could break us and all it takes to put it back together again - is the one person, your everlasting soulmate.

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