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VBT# Anjuelle Floyd and Win a Kindle


Today's author is visiting as part of a VBT Hosted by Tywebbin Creations. Today we have author Anjuelle Floyd with a guest post and a synopsis of two of her books "The House" and "The Keeper of Secrets" and reader's stay tuned as over the next day or two I will provide a full review of them both just for you.
Also with this VBT comes the wonderful prize of winning your very own Kindle E-reader , I myself have a Kobo but I wouldn't mind having a Kindle either lol.

How to Win a Free KINDLE :


To celebrate the release of her novel, The House, author Anjuelle Floyd is offering a (1) Kindle Wi-Fi (retail value: $139.00) as a part of her promotional blog tour. A WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED DECEMBER 1, 2010.

TO REGISTER ONLINEhttp://bit.ly/TheHouseKindleGiveaway

Synopsis of The House - Anjuelle Floyd - 2010

On receiving the very thing she wants—a divorce and the power to sell their house—over which they have fought the past year—Anna Manning learns that Edward, her soon-to-be ex-husband is dying from cancer.

A faithful wife for three decades, and stay-at-home mother of four children, Anna endured Edward’s constant absence due to travel for his international real estate firm and numerous extra-marital affairs. With their children now adults, Edward has less than six months, possibly three, to live.
Anna takes him home to die in the house she has fought so vigorously to sell. But letting go of someone who has caused so much pain in your life doesn’t come easily. Edward has changed. There are Anna and Edward’s four children, three of whom who are married and struggling to endow their families with meaning and purpose.
News of Edward’s terminal illness provokes her to understand the present, rooted in a wellspring of the past and pouring into a future without him.
The House shows what happens when one adopts the belief that: All hold regret and are seeking forgiveness. Our salvation rests in the hands of others—most particularly the ones we love, and who have treated us wrongly.

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                   About The Author : Anjuelle Floyd

Anjuelle Floyd is a wife of twenty-eight years, mother of three, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in mother-daughter relations and dream work.                                                                  

A graduate of Duke University, she received her MA in Counseling Psychology from The California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco. She has attended the Dominican Institute of Philosophy and Theology, Berkeley, California, and received her MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College, Port Townsend, Washington. She has received certificates of participation from The Hurston-Wright Writers’ Week and The Voices of Our Nations Writing Workshops.
A student of Process Painting for the last decade, Anjuelle has participated in The Art of Living Black Exhibitions 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 held at the Richmond Art Center, Richmond, California.
Anjuelle facilitates writing groups and provides individual consultation of fiction projects. She also gives talks on The Need for Family, the Writing Process as a Path Toward Self-discovery and Healing.

                                                  Guest Author Post : Anjuelle Floyd
                                    CHARACTER SKETCH: Meet Theo Manning

Have you ever wondered how a writer comes up with her characters? Author Anjuelle Floyd provides a peek inside the profile of one of the Manning’s children.

Theo Manning shares the middle birth position with his younger sister, Linda. Unlike Linda, Theo, is the second brother, the younger of the same sex siblings. Some might say he stands in the shadow of David. And yet surprisingly he holds no sibling rivalry with his elder and only brother, David.

Theo Manning comprises of the other half of Anna’s two children, Linda being the first, demonstrating greater emotional stability. And yet his life holds no lack of challenges. Theo’s wife, Millicent, has and is experiencing her own emotional struggles.

Like Edward Manning, Millicent’s father, Theolonius Regarde, has exhibited his share of unfaithfulness. Anna regards Theolonius in similar fashion to Edward. Both men own successful real estate agencies.

Anna views Theolonius’ wife and Millicent’s mother Henrietta, as a mirror image of herself, a perception that contributes to nearly as much distaste and loathing for Henrietta as Anna holds for Theolonius. Anna’s dislike of Theolonius and Henrietta extends to Millicent. Millicent is an only child, like Anna.

While writing The House I was continually struck by the name Regarde. The names we give or rather our characters emerge with in our imagination serve as a cipher revealing deeper aspects of the roles they fill, both as character and movers of plot.

The name Regarde relates to the French word, regarder, a verb that means, to watch or look at.

Lacking the mood swings exhibited by Linda, the sibling born after him, Anna’s second son and second child is quite observant. He sees what Linda has witnessed and while responding similarly, he marries someone quite different from Linda’s husband, Brad. While Brad is the epitome of stability, Millicent possesses an energy all her own. As with Theolonius Regarde, Anna regards Millicent with distrust and loathing.

Appearances can and many times prove not simply deceptive, but are instead more embedded with the truth than we are willing to acknowledge.

Anna is certain that her dislike of various aspects of Millicent’s personality lay rooted in Theolonius Regarde. The triangle of interactions between Anna, her son, Theodore, for whom she feels compel to protect and Millicent point to action idea compelling Anna to observe, regarder, and look within herself.

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