Awaken Me Darkly - Gena Showalter

Since , my computer broadband has ticked over , I can re-continue to use my cute lil icons , now I know October and Halloween is over but don't cha just love the little witch reading a book. Today's book is the first in a series and features Aliens of allsorts.

                                                             Awaken Me Darkly (Alien Huntress, Book 1)

Review : Awaken Me Darkly - Alien Huntress Book #1 - Gena Showalter - Feb 2006.

I've never really read any of Gena's books before except for Red-Handed which I enjoyed as I tried to read Intertwined but maybe I just wasn't in the mood for a boy with Multiple demon personality disorders. A friend of mine told me that the Alien Huntress series by Gena Showalter was a good series. So I've decided to go on an Alien Huntress quest and make my way through this series , so of course readers - you will see this series pop up now and again,

The first book in the Alien Huntress series is called Awaken Me Darkly and it sets the tone and storyline for the reader as we see the developments of main character Mia Snow and her involvement as the Alien Huntress. Mia Snow works for an organisation called A.I.R which deals in solving mysteries and killing/hunting down aliens who have disobeyed the law and broken the peace agreement between Aliens and Humans. It also describes her background and the hatred of Aliens , since her brother was killed and tortured by them.

In Awaken Me Darkly , we see Mia Snow and her partner in AIR land a murder scene of a Mr. William Steele. The Killer as we watch Mia handle her special gift ( a bit like how Melinda Gordon can see Ghosts) Mia can sniff out Aliens turns out to be a race of alien known for their seductress ways called the "Arcadians".  The journey for the hunt of the killer takes us to a main suspect Lila and soon we watch events fold out which will turn out tragic for one of Mia's friends.
Enter Kyrin , Lila's brother and one of the strongest Arcadian males around and he and Mia seem to have an intense energy around them , that at times hints a bit of erotic - which we all know that Paranormal/Supernatural novels especially ones written with adults in mind -tend to contain.
Kyrin has a deal that Mia can't refuse , if she lets his sister go in the deadline of four days -he will save her friend and partner from the grave that beckons him. It's a deal that Mia wants , however of course Mia is first and foremost - a AIR Agent then a friend and if she is going to handle the deal , then she has to do it her way - which means find the killer , set Lila free and save her friend. With only 4 days to go and a whole lot more Alien trouble , people piling up and family issues headed her way, can Mia meet the deadline and save her friend and put an Alien Killer behind bars or will she have to sacrifice one for the other ?

Find out in Awaken me Darkly by Gena Showalter ,and while you're reading that book , I'll be getting into Book #2 Enslave Me Sweetly for more adventures of Alien Huntress Mia Snow.


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