Dares and Dreams - BK Walker

                                                                     Dares And Dreams

Wanting another amazing supernatural read, one that has a bit of everything in it? The Author of this book is one talented woman as she also runs and co-ordinates a series of Virtual Book Tours and her own book review website www.bkwalkerbooks.weebly.com , which I have the pleasure of reviewing for.

Review: Dares and Dreams – BK Walker-2009

They say that sometimes when one door closes, another one opens. I wonder if that is the same with when one person passes away, another’s life actually begins. For Lannie, it definitely rings true as her father, the one and only guidance and parent she has ever had in her life as just passed away from a heart- attack a few months before her 21st birthday. Lannie however, doesn’t know exactly how to react as for Lannie; she has always suffered from what others call déjà vu. Now faced with the decision of what she is going to do with her life, Lannie comes face to face with her mother – someone she has not seen since she was at least an infant, the book doesn’t actually tell us how old Lannie was when her mother left but I figured about 6weeks old or so. Her mother has decided now that Lannie is old enough, to drop a bombshell on her. In a few months, Lannie is to take part in a ceremony which will turn her into a vampire. As the story goes on we find out that Lannie is one of a kind and her powers are strong, so strong in fact that the enemy King wants Lannie to himself. All would be fine but Lannie has met a hot guy and fallen head over heels, yet he too is harbouring a dark secret – he also isn’t human but in fact a Warlock. As the two find out the truth about each other, will their secrets ruin their relationship or will it make them stronger? Find out in Dares and Dreams by BK Walker, a novel that is fast-paced and keeps you entertained, one you won’t want to put down.


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