A Vampire For Christmas - Susan Hanniford Crowley

Coming up to Christmas , I thought I would read a Christmas tale and what better to read than one with a Vampire in it.


                Review :A Vampire For Christmas - Susan Hanniford Crowley - December 2009

All I want for Christmas is A Vampire - Hmmm imagine waking up and receiving for Christmas your very own hunky vampire lover. For Georgia , this years Christmas was going to be a struggle to make ends meet as she had been laid off her main source of income and down to her last savings of pennies and barely making enough from her part-time job at the Donut Haven. The other thing on Georgia's Christmas wish-list and letter to Santa Claus, is the gorgeous expensive coat in the window of her favourite shop, if only she could afford it , she would snatch it up right on the spot.
Meet Trevor, he's the Vampire and he seems to have his eye on Georgia to become his life-mate for eternal . Though unlike many of the other Vampires Ive read about Trevor isn't that good around the meeting the ladies and introducing himself and Georgia starts to think of him as a Stalker. When the do finally meet, its love at first sight -however Trevor has the job of telling her what he is and what she actually is and that somebody is after her . Will Georgia think that Trevor is crazy or when bad things start happening, will she realise it is the truth? Can Georgia cope with the discovery of who she really is or is dating a Vampire just enough?
Find out more in this fast-paced novel of all I want is "A Vampire for Christmas" by Susan Hanniford Crowley.


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