Friday, November 12, 2010

Bridged by Love - Patricia Lieb

                                                      Bridged By Love

                                Synopsis of Bridged by Love - Patricia Lieb - April 2009

Bridged by Love, by Patricia Lieb - Spring Hill resident Lieb has written a historical adventure set in the late 1880s in Texarkana, a city that straddles the Texas-Arkansas line. Lieb draws on a bounty of historical knowledge to craft a tale of two women - one native American, the other white - linked together in a fight against injustice. ~ Tampa Tribune Bridged By Love was a pleasant surprise for someone whose readings usually tend to science fiction and horror. But Patricia Lieb grabbed my attention from the first page and held it throughout this well-crafted novel, weaving twists, turns and surprises. I highly recommend it to someone who is seeking a different kind of story that is based on a long gone historic era and to top it off , isn't the cover picture of the baby adorabubble.

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  1. Paula:
    Thank you so much for sharing my historical-fiction on your blog.
    Patricia Lieb


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