Bespelling Jane Austen - Various Authors

It must be a constant trend at the moment and in some ways a competition of sorts among authors, who can use a classic novel and re-create it into a beautifully written Supernatural tale.

                                                               Bespelling Jane Austen: Almost Persuaded\Northanger Castle\Blood and Prejudice\Little to Hex Her

                      Review : Bespelling Jane Austen - Various Authors - September 2010

Iv'e read my fair share of Supernatural Renditions of classic tales e.g Jane Austen's books mainly and Louisa May Alcott's Little Vampire Women ( review to come). However, after reading one or two - sometimes you find the writing boring and along the same lines as you can only do so much with a tale. When asked the question Austen or Bronte ? I've always been an Austen gal , so when I read that Bespelling Jane Austen was too be released, I couldn't help no matter how many I've read in the past - wait to read it. Have I got some good news for you , Bespelling Jane Austen was wonderfully written and each of the 4 authors who participated in putting together this anthology were amazing. The stories were easy to read , straight to the point and kept you highly entertained. My favourite would have to been however though suprisingly enough a tie between Almost Persuaded and Blood and Prejudice.

In Almost Persuaded written by Mary Balogh we see Jane as a re-incarnated soul who lost love and in her past lives has not been able to hold onto love and her soulmate. Now in the regency era , Jane comes face to face with Captain Robert Mitford and realises they both are each other's soulmates. Can their love stand still this time and end in happiness or will it once again be cut short by tragedy and restart in another generation ? - This is based on Persuasion by Jane Austen

In Northanger Castle based on the tale of Northanger Abbey, as we all know that Northanger Abbey is considered as one of the world's first Gothic novels it makes sense that this book was to have a gothic setting, Colleen Gleeson brings together the tale of Charlotte's obsession with Gothic novels turns out to be her saviour as a guide to the life Charlotte will live with her husband as a Supernatural hunter .

Pride and  Prejudice is one of the most commonly used novels when talking or writing Jane Austens world in the supernatural and it only makes sense to have it included in this fine collection. Blood and Prejudice written by Vampire author Susan Krinard takes us to the modern world of men and women in suits , in the heart of busy New York. It is here that Liz Bennett joins a Mr. Darcy on his hunt for a Vampire Cure in the New York Times.

Last, but not least is Little to Hex Her which is based on the tale of Emma and set in Modern-day Washington DC as Janet Mullany writes about a city filled with supernatural creatures and is based on Emma who is a Witch with a Wizard as a boyfriend and ever the matchmaker as we discovered on the movie "Clueless" starring Alicia Silverstone runs her own paranormal dating service catering only to the supernatural beings out there.


  1. What a unique concept. This sounds very interesting. I love the original Austin books.

  2. I really do love a good Jane Austen so ths might be a very interesting read!!!

    Thanks for sharing this with us. :)


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