Friday, November 5, 2010

Sweet Little Lies - Lauren Conrad

                                                      Sweet Little Lies: An L.A. Candy Novel

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a TV Star, imagine that the life of the rich and famous is ever so wonderful?

Review: Sweet Little Lies – Book #2 L.A. Candy Series – Lauren Conrad- September 2010

At the end of Book #1 LA Candy, we see the lives of two best friends Jane and Scarlett taking off in directions that they could never imagine as they are snatched up to star on a reality TV Show called LA Candy. The star of the show turns out to be quiet and sweet yet naive girl Jane Roberts and soon Jane is caught up in the scene of Hollywood where the gossip rags love to hound you. When she is set up by a so-called friend Jane finds herself suddenly hounded by paparazzi and the press and soon wishes for her old non-existence life back. As Jane returns back to the hit show , we see that the back-stabbiness of the cast is at a high-time high and soon it comes down to the crunch, that Jane realises she does not know who to trust and who not too. Has Jane been deemed one of the stars to succumb to Gossip or will the strong and quiet Jane show those LA peeps that she is not one of those girls who runs and hides but that she is better than them and will stand up for herself.

Sweet Little Lies is about Jane having to go through hell and back to re-discover who she is inside and who her true friends are. I’m looking forward now to reading Book #3 - Sugar and Spice  and reading more adventures of Jane and Scarlet. Sweet Little Lies is reality television and teen chick-lit at its best.

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