The Rosie Black Chronicles : Genesis - Lara Morgan

You'll remember a few months back, we had Lara Morgan star on The Phantom Paragrapher and she talked about having a Boy as the hero in a world that is currently a heroine driven world.
Today we have a review on her book "The Rosie Black Chronicles : Genesis"-  ther first book in her new series.


              Review : The Rosie Black Chronicles - Genesis - Lara Morgan - September 2010

This novel in a world that has slowly become over-run with supernatural tales involving Vampires, Zombies and even Unicorns. Though I enjoy those types of books , it is great to see that not all authors have succumbed to the Fantasy/Supernatural Genre.
The Rosie Black Chronicles is a dystopian adventure novel set 500 years into the future , the author being from Australia -the setting is Australia with the town being called NewPerth . 500yrs ago, a  tragedy known as The Melt wiped the world clean and sunk most of the coastal cities.
Newperth is divided into three categories - the rich ones "Centrals" , the making it -but barely "Bankers" and then you have the poor "Ferals". When Banker - Rosie Black and her friend Central Juli discovers a box in Feral territory, they think they have discovered treasure. Little do both of them know, that what they have discovered is dangerous and now Rosie after her friend Juli is killed and her dad Kidnapped must team up with the Ferals - Pip and Riley to stay alive and help save her dad from becoming dead. Now Rosie along with Pip and Riley must discover the secrets of the contents that the box holds before it's too late and everything she has ever known will be destroyed and the ones she truly loves hurt.
This book follows in traditions to Fleur Beale's Juno of Taris Series , 1984 , Witch and Wizard by James Patterson, The Crossing Trilogy by Mandy Hager and is a must read for fans of movies like Equilibrium , Aeon Flux and UltraViolet.



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