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The Phantom Diaries - Kailin Gow


How many of us have seen, read or at least heard the tale of The Phantom of the Opera.It is a tale that though I have to admit I have not yet seen the films or actually read the tale, it is a story that I know from listening to on one or more occasions. Today's book is a modern version which loosely touches on the tale of The Phantom of the Opera.

                                                         The Phantom Diaries

                          Review : The Phantom Diaries - Kailin Gow - May 2010

As I said earlier , The Phantom Diaries from the wonderful author Kailin Gow is a story loosely based on the famous play The Phantom of the Opera. In the Phantom Diaries we see Annette Binoche - her name reminding me of that famous actress set off as a fresh-faced 18yr old in the world of New York- the Big apple , the City of Stars. She gets a job at the Met as a dressmaker , helping making the costumes for the productions. The main production in this novel is The Phantom of the Opera. However , their is a legend behind the play - everytime it is set to happen , something strange and eerie happens - people die, people get hurt and nobody knows why. They are all under the impression that it is just a haunted play. Unfortunately this is only the beginning as Annette has the ability to see The Phantom aka Eric and after the abrupt exit of the lead star , he has been helping Annette practice for her audition. We read how Eric constantly makes references about how much Annette looks like Kristine -his former lover who we soon discover is the real "Phantom" and ends up being related to Annette - a bit of a Vampire Diaries twist here.

The Phantom Diaries is written as a combination of novel and diary format which I quite enjoyed and I am looking forward to reading Dark Memories - Book #2 of The Phantom Diaries by Kailin Gow - released  in October 2010.

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