Girl Saves Boy - Steph Bowe

I always find myself admiring people who have the ability to write such amazing stories and be published at such a young age , as for myself - I'm not exactly the creative writer type but I find myself able to write lengths etc if I have a topic to structure myself around -which though in a way , that's what novelists do, so maybe there is still hope for me one day. Until then, I'll stick to my writing book reviews and assignments. The author of today's book is 16 years old and has just had her first book published :) and as I was reading it , I was like WOW - you wouldn't even guess that the person who wrote this was young.

                                                              Girl Saves Boy

Review : Girl Saves Boy- Steph Bowe - August 2010

Girl- Jewel Valentine didn't expect that in her first days back since she was eight years old , she'd have to jump into the lake that her brother drowned in eight years ago when he was ten years old. Jewel Valentine didn't have a choice in coming back as after living with her grandparents from 8-16 yrs old , they had finally passed away and now Jewel is back living with the mother who didn't want her after her brother passed away.
Boy- Sacha Thomas's life hasn't been easy either , growing up with a terminal illness and his mother dead - after passing away with anorexia. Sacha has moved into his dad's -the dad who never really was there for him and his mother. To make matters worse , his dad has got a new partner - his art teacher Mr. Carr. All he wants to do is disappear to the other side ,where nothing that is happening on earth matters anymore.
Soon we read as Jewel and Sacha have a mutual friend True Grisham , and soon the two who definitely have both their more than fair share of problems strike up a relationship and what begins is a friendship that crosses over the relationship line , a habit of stealing garden gnomes and laughter, tears and a whole array of emotions.


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