Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Top Ten Villians/Criminals in Literarture

                     Today's Top 10 Tuesday is the Top 10 Villans and Criminals and is hosted       by http://brokeandbookish.blogspot.com/ 

  1. Damon - The Vampire Diaries - The Bad Boy Brother who has OMG Killed Humans and played with their minds.
  2. Eric - True Blood - Again an old Vampire who in his time has killed his fair share of humans for his enjoyment and life.
  3. Dexter - Dexter Books by Jeff Lindsey - A favourite serial killer
  4. Cruella DeVill - 101 Dalmations - the lady who wanted them for their fur.
  5. Kyle Craig - The Serial Killer Mastermind from the Alex Cross Novels by James Patterson
  6. James - The Twilight Saga - Alot of the leaning towards this was because Cam G , Played him in the film
  7. Lex Luthor - Superman - Ive always been a Superman Fan
  8. Mr Freeze - Batman Comics - Only because Arnie played him in the film Version
  9. Hannibal Lector - The Hannibal in the Thomas Harris Novels
  10. Patrick Bateman - The Original American Pyscho .


  1. I think Eric has to be the villain I love the most. Yeah, he's done bad things but....he's not all bad ;)

  2. I can't think of Eric as a villan. Sure, he's bad... but such a good kind of bad!

  3. I got made fun of for having Eric on my list. So glad I'm not the only one! Hannibal Lector made my list too. He definitely deserves to be there. You can check out my top ten list here.

  4. Damon is such a *good* villain. He has a good heart, even if he can be morally ambiguous.

    Haha, Cruella DeVil is such a great pick! Nothing can be worse than a puppy killer! :P

  5. I agree as Eric and Damon aren't nessecarily classed as Villians but they have sides of villianous and evil behaviour. Im going to borrow Small Review's words and say Eric and Damon are "good" villians :)


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