Friday, November 26, 2010

Numbers 2 : The Chaos - Rachel Ward

           It's time to get in the zone with Teens as I present to you the sequel to Numbers by Rachel Ward.

Numbers 2: The Chaos

Review: Numbers 2 : The Chaos - Book #2 in the Numbers Series - Rachel Ward- June 2010

Remember the first book released Numbers , that featured a sixteen-year old named Jem and her gift of being able to see the dates that people can die , a bit like that movie with Nicholas Cage -"Knowing" where he could see when events were going to happen.
Book Two starts 16years later in the year 2026 , Jem is dead and so is her friend Terry aka Spider -the father of her son Adam.  Adam is living with his Nan and has inherited his mother's gift of seeing numbers - a bit like on Ghost Whisperer when Melinda's son Aiden inherited her gift of seeing ghosts.
Chaos is upon them as after a flood his Nana and Adam move back to London where Adam keeps seeing the numbers 1/1/2027 on everyone's heads. A year away, all Adam can do is sit there as he prepares for a catastrophe that may kill or wipe out London and all its people with them. Adam justs wants to keep his head down but when he meets Sarah, he is drawn to her however somehow he is the man that Sarah keeps seeing in her dreams and it has something to do with her unborn child -Mia.
As Adam and Sarah are chucked together, can they work together like Jem and Terry did in order to warn the world of the chaos that will happen on January 1st 2027 or will they like Jem and Terry be labelled terriosts and their gift unheard?

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