Eighth Grade Bites - Heather Brewer

Wanting a fun Vampire Novel to read , one that for a change is made and suited to boys ? Get ready for The Chronicles of Vladmir Tod - a new vampire series by author Heather Brewer.

                                                       Eighth Grade Bites (Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, Book 1)

           Review : Eighth Grade Bites - Chronicles of Vladimir Tod -Book #1 - Heather Brewer

Are you into Vampire novels but getting a bit annoyed that they are all about females as the lead characters ? Wanting a novel where the Vampire has a lil more attitude than your average girl Vampire ? Check out Heather Brewer's new series "The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod" starting with book #1 -Eighth Grade Bites.
All Vlad Tod wanted to do was fit in and be normal -well pretend to be human which is hard for a teenage Vampire. Living with his Aunt Nelly , Vlad thought he was the last living vampire -unaware that there were more like him. When doing a Family History Project, Vlad finds a journal that his father Tomas Tod kept -one that described a world of vampires and danger ,now his father's enemy D'Ablo wants that journal and Vlad and will do anything to get to him including killing a few of Vlad's debate team players.
Eighth Grade Bites is a novel filled with action packed events, fun vampire tricks and watching Vlad try and survive his way through passing Eighth Grade especially Maths and History.


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