Dexter is Delicious - Jeff Lindsay

                                                            Dexter Is Delicious

Are there any Dexter fans out there ? , Have you read all the Dexter books and watched the TV Series and recognised the similarities and differences ?.

Review : Dexter is Delicious - Jeff Lindsay- September 2010

For all those Dexter fans out there ,and I'm talking about the readers not the watchers. Our man behind the Dexter creation has released the 5th book in the Dexter series and once again he has used his gift of alliteration to give us another DD title - this time Dexter is Delicious , which is a bit of an odd title I thought. In Dexter is Delicious, we read about the arrival of Dexter's little baby girl - Lily Anne and we read as Dexter decides whether or not to put the knife down literally for his little girl and we read as Dexter thinks it maybe time to say Hello Daddy and Goodbye Dark Passenger. We see the appearance of Brian -Dexter's brother and the Ice-truck killer from the first books. This is one part that if you have read the books , you would have realised he didn't actually die-die , but if not and have only seen the TV Show you'd be like "I thought he was dead" . Has Brian got something up his killer sleeves or has he too decided that family is more important than killing ?
Also it looks like even author Jeff Lindsay couldn't escape the Vampire Craze as the main murder case in Dexter is Delicious focuses around Vampirism and Goth Bars/Rituals.


  1. I read the first 3 books, but I hated the 4th and stopped reading them.

  2. Sadly, I'm a little behind on my Dexter reading, so I've only gotten to book 3. This looks like a good one though!


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