Friday, November 12, 2010

We're Doing the Book Blogger Hop :)

Another week gone and my answer to  the challenge was that each hop I always try to find 5 new blogs to follow :)

Today's Question :

"If you find a book that looks interesting but is part of a series, do you always start with the first title?"

                                                                   Today's Answer:

This is always a thing that I do especially now that I moved to Blogspot and am following alot of blogs on GFC. If I see a book that looks interesting, I have to read the series in order and go back to book one unfortunately though in some cases less than often - I find myself unable to get into the series so I don't find myself ever actually reading the book that inspired me to start the series.

                                             The Phantom Paragrapher's Hop Question:

            Is their a particular series you are reading at the moment which you would like to share ?


  1. Hi! Old follower here. Just dropping by from the hop. :)

    I always read series staring from the first book. :) I just finished Nightshade, which is also a series. It's lovely!

    -Len of Musings of a Reader Happy

  2. @Maidenveil- Ive got Nightshade on my TBr Pile :)

  3. I just read and reviewed Nightshade - loved it! I also love the Night Huntress series - can't wait for the next one!

    -Linds, bibliophile brouhaha

  4. I can dive right into the middle of a book series if the series' story
    doesn't run chronologically.

    That is to say, if each novel in a series is a stand-alone story (like Lee
    Child's Reacher novels) then I don't feel the need to start with book one.

    On the other hand, a series of books (like Richard Hatch's Battlestar
    Galactica novels) can't be read out of sequence since each new book builds
    upon the story of the previous entry in the series.

    Happy Book Blogger Hop Friday!

    Howard Sherman


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