Monday, May 21, 2012

Blood Legacy Special : Character Interview, by Marianne Morea

Today readers, you've read the review of Blood Legacy and today on The Phantom Paragrapher we have a special guest all the way from within the pages of Blood Legacy by Marianne Morea ...... Carlos .

Character Interview:
Carlos Salazar, former freedom fighter, currently vampire/soul searcher and main character
from Marianne Morea’s paranormal romance, Blood Legacy.

1. Interviewer: Tell about your family, Carlos…

[Chuckling, he raises an eyebrow] “Human or vampire?” [He runs a hand through his
hair, exhaling, a sad smile touching the corners of his lips] “I was born Carlos Antonio
Jose Salazar, in the year of Our Lord, 1711, in Valencia, Spain. My family was what you
would call, gentry…wealthy, titled, but not royal. I held a different view of the way the
world should be from the rest of my family, and my actions because of those beliefs,
forced me to choose between them and the comforts I knew, and my own conscience.
Those choices led me to what you see before you today. Over the centuries, I acquired a
different sort of family—some through blood, others through bond, but all with the same
shared desire—to hold onto whatever humanity was left to us.”

2. Interviewer: As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

[He shrugs] “I never really gave it much thought. In my time, one didn’t choose one’s
occupation. Girls were married according to their family’s wishes, and boys were raised
according to the constraints of the station in which they were born. It’s not like today
where children can grow to be anything they want. I suppose I always believed I would
eventually take my place at court, like my father. But one thing is for certain, I never
dreamed I’d end up a vampire.”

3. Interviewer: What are you passionate about these days?

[Smiling broadly, he glances over his shoulder at the pretty redhead sitting off to the side
of the interview set] “Trina. She’s my whole existence now…her and the survival of our
little family.”

Interviewer: [clearing her voice] “family?”

[Raising an eyebrow, Carlos cocks his head to the side] “Why does everyone look both
shocked and appalled at the idea of vampires having children? Relax…that’s not what I
was referring to. I meant Julian, Miguel, Eric Margot and Trevor—my vampire family—
although as far as children are concerned, stranger things have happened. But that’s for
another story…”

4. Interviewer: What is your favorite meal?

“You’re kidding, right?” [With a sly grin, Carlos leans back in his chair, letting a bit of
fang show for effect] “I do enjoy a very, very, succulent…” [He stops short, chuckling, as
the interviewer’s cheeks blanch] “Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. But in truth, I really
don’t consume human fare, although surprisingly enough I do enjoy rum. I love the
smell, even if the taste and the alcohol do nothing for me. The warm, sweet scent brings
back so many memories from my human life, I just can’t resist.”

5. Interviewer: What do you do to unwind and relax?

“I own a Harley, so when the need for speed beckons, I mount up and let the wind take
me.” [Looking over his shoulder again, he smiles, shaking his head] “Trina’s not much of
a motorcycle fan, though…so it really makes for the perfect alone time. You would think,
with an endless expanse of time ahead, the last thing a vampire would want is to be alone.
However, much like humans, we have stresses too, and all need our space from time to

6. Interviewer: If you could apologize to someone in your past, who would it be?

[Carlos takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly] “Dio…the list is far too long to mention.
But I did get to ask Isabel for forgiveness…she was the first human to suffer from my
bloodlust. I suppose I would want to apologize to my family—my father and my mother.
And to Antonio da Silva. He ended up the last victim to die at the hands of the Spanish
Inquisition. I wasn’t able to fulfill my mission of helping him escape when I was turned
to what I am today.”

7. Interviewer: What is something people would be surprised about you?

“I guess it would be my love of the sun. I know vampire mythology has us bursting into
flame at the slightest hint of the dawn. But the truth is we become immune to it with time.
I love mornings on the beach, most. Watching the dawn break is one of my favorite
things in the world. It’s cathartic, and a definite reminder that no matter how powerful I
become, I am nothing before the majesty of God’s creation. Now all I have to do is wait
for Trina’s blood to mature so she can join me. It’s going to take a few centuries, but then
again, what else does a vampire have, but time?”

Interviewer: Thank you, Carlos, for taking the time to meet with us this evening.

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