Saturday, May 12, 2012

Review: Burn, by Heath Gibson

On the lookout for a new teen book ? Something for the guys ?
Review: Burn - Heath Gibson- August 2012
Burn by Heath Gibson reminded me of a couple of TV episodes that I have watched , one on Body of Proof and the other on the show Rizzolli and Isles. It started off just an innocent boy who loved fire and saving people , he wanted to be a fireman when he grew up. 
Burn starts when William Tucker saves his school crush Mandy from a fire , he is seen as a hero and the whole town changes their viewpoint of him and he even has a chance with the girl he has spent his school days crushing on . However, the fame doesn't last for long and soon we read about William starting fires only to be the hero to put them out. What happens though, when one fire becomes one too many and alerts the suspicions of an serial arsonist. What will the smalltown community think when the lead suspect is the Pastor's son and what else will the town find out about the Pastor's families lives behind closed doors, when it comes to light that another of the son's is gay.
Burn by Heath Gibson is a great read for teen boys and for those who love the idea of being the town hero and how sometimes heroism can go to your head and end you in more trouble than it's worth.

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