Review: Variant - Robison Wells

Looking for a new Dystopian read ? Did you enjoy James Dashner's book "The Maze Runner" ? If so, you will enjoy today's book by Robison Wells.
Review: Variant - Book #1 Variant Series - Robison Wells- September 2011
We've all read the novels where the foster children are sent to a boarding school in the hopes and dreams that their lives will be changed forever and that they will never have to see the light of day in another foster home ever again. Think Dark Companion by Marta Acosta , or the novels where the kids are sent to boarding like schools only to find out it's not really a school and they are monitored like The Maze Runner by James Dashner or The Dangerous School for Girls by Eliot Schrefer.
In Variant, we meet Benson Fisher - he is a foster child who has supposedly won a scholarship to a private boarding school called Maxfield Academy but when he arrives things are about to get a tad weird as it's unlike any school he has been too before. This school has no teachers and the school are separated into three cliques or as they are called in Variant - "Gangs". You have The Goody-goods known as The Society, the misfits known as Havoc and the in-betweeners "Variants".
When Benson realises that something is off about this school, he tries to plan an escape but it seems that everyone who tries to escape winds up dead or in detention only never to return. Can Benson find a way to escape or before he gets the chance can he discover the real "hidden" truth about Maxfield Academy and why it is run the way it is ?
Find out in Robison Wells debut novels in his new series released last September "Variant"



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