Review: Cheerage Fearage - Kimberly Dana

Do you love Cheerleading and Ghost stories ?
Review: Cheerage Fearage - Kimberly Dana - March 2012
Do you enjoy Cheerleading and all that goes with it ? Do you own all the Bring It On movies , I personally have a confession to make - "I Paula Phillips own all five of the Bring It On movies and have a thing for Cheerleading type films". The other thing I love is Horror movies and ghost stories.
Kimberly Dana's new book "Cheerage Fearage" has it all as the novel starts ten years ago when two cheerleaders went out swimming one day , over the hill and far away and the captain called them in one night and only one little blonde cheerleader came swimming back. Now on the ten year anniversary in a town named Valentine , we meet twins Toby and Tiki Tinklemeyer . They are new to the town of Valentine and Tiki finds herself enrolled in Cheer Camp. However, strange things start occuring and the cheerleaders find themselves being picked off one by one in some scary and unusual cases . Is the ghost of Lexy Mills back for some revenge , taking it out on the very cheerleaders like the ones who stole her life ? Are ghosts real and can they really hurt or is somebody at the camp trying too hard to cover up the real truth about what happened ten years ago at Camp Cheer ?
As Tiki starts to unravel the truth, will she find herself next on the Camp Cheer Killing list and instead of joining the squad in the real world be joining them in Heaven ?
Find out in Cheerage Fearage by Kimberly Dana, a fun story with a horror twist.


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