Monday, May 7, 2012

Review: Finding Sky, by Joss Stirling


Are you a believer in Soul Mates ? I am one of those people that believe that out there , somewhere you have a soul mate but it doesn't nessecary mean that they are the person you are eventually to end up with, but there will be a part of you that will always care for the person who was your soulmate.
Review: Finding Sky - Book #1 Benedict Series - Joss Stirling - October 2010
Finding Sky starts with the main female character being left abandoned and then flips forward into the future, six years on as we read the girl now named Sky Benedict has been adopted by two artists who have cared for her as if she was really there daughter. The family then move to a smalltown where Sky's parents have been offered the chance to be artists in residence. For Sky, that means starting a new school and making new friends. As the story goes along, Sky gets on with her life but she can't help but be attracted to Bad boy Zed , as the novel goes along we read alot of tension between the pair that at times can be misjudged as hatred towards each other but soon it becomes clear that Sky is in fact connected to Zed , the pair are what are known as Savants , those who when they meet their soulmates/ their other halfs can become telepathic with each other. Just when Sky is slowly coming round to the idea of being with Zed she is kidnapped by a family of criminal Savants. In a chilling twist, Sky and Zed's relationship is put to the ultimate test and the fate of those she loves lie in Sky's hands. Will Sky have the strength to embrace her power and be brave enough to control her own destiny, or will the dark demons of her past prevent her from realising her true potential?
Finding Sky is a nice quick read and won't take that long to get into as it is fast-paced and easy to read.
Find out in Book #1 Finding Sky and stay tuned as I bring you Book #2 Stealing Phoenix from Joss Stirling.

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