Review: Always the Designer, Never the Bride - Sandra D. Bricker

Have you been following the Emma Rae Creation series ? Did you read my reviews on Always the Baker, Never the Bride and Always the Planner,Never the Bride?
Get ready for Book #3 in the series .
Review: Always the Designer, Never the Bride - Book #3 Emma Rae Creations - Sandra D. Bricker - April 2012
As a fan of the previous two books , when I learnt that Book #3 was being released I knew I just had to read it and I would enjoy it. In Book #3 Carly is getting married to Devon at the Tanglewood Inn where Emma will be baking the Cake and Sherrilyn is the Wedding Planner so all that is missing now is the Wedding Dress Designer - Enter in Carly's best childhood friend Audrey. The pair's friendship is the same as we discovered between Sherrilyn and Emma in Book #2.  Audrey, ready to make her friend's dress is worried that this may be her very last Wedding as the funds she recieved 27months ago when her Grandma Beatrice passed away has run dry. What Audrey needs to get back on top is to land the account of creating hotel heiress Kim's wedding dress but it seems that Kim has other ideas and Audrey is up against Wes who is one of the world's top dress designers. Can Audrey compete or is this goodbye to her career ?
As a familiar theme in the trilogy , all three girls do not plan to fall in love and become brides of their own but alas fate has another plan for them as for J.R - Devon's brother it seems he has fallen head over heels with a case of love at first sight for Audrey who we learm resembles somewhat of singer Gwen Stefani. Does Audrey feel the same or will this begin as a unrequited love tale ?
With the help of Tanglewood Inn , will Audrey's dreams come true or will she be offered a second chance at life and achieving them with Emma Rae and Sherrilyn's help ?
Another great installment and I look forward to reading other novels that Sandra may write our way.


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