Review: Fever, by Lauren DeStefano

Do you love Dystopian Books ? Did you enjoy Lauren DeStefano's debut novel "Wither" ? 
Get ready for Book #2 "Fever".

Review: Fever - Book #2 The Chemical Garden Series - Lauren DeStefano- February 2012
"WARNING : If you have not read Book #1 "Wither" - Do not continue reading the review as this is one of those series, where you have to read Book #1 "Wither" first.

At the end of Wither, we read as Rhine and Gabriel - one of the servants at the house she had been made a wife in escaped the clutches and into the real world. Rhine , has one goal in mind - to find her twin brother Rowan. We read as Rhine and Gabriel make their way through the country , on boat/foot/trucks. However, one wrong turn will turn out to be bad news and good news as the pair of them end up in a Madam's tent as Rhine is a good-looker , she is bound to fetch the Madame lots of money. Can Rhine and Gabriel escape the compound and continue on their journey ? It is in the compound, that they are befriended by Lilac and her daughter Maddie. When tragedy strikes, Rhine and Gabriel are left with Maddie and the three start to make their way to Manhattan - Rhine's hometown looking for Rowan. In Manhattan, though Rhine gets sick - is she dying ? Has she caught the fever ? In a horrible turn of events , Rhine is captured and returned back to the Housemaster's house. Here she finds herself getting sicker by the day , is she destined to die a horrible death and never to escape from the Ashby's clutches ? Will Rhine ever find and locate her brother Rowan ?
A wonderful series and now due to the way that Fever ended , I'm like OMG I can't wait to read book #3 Sever. It's such a shame though when you have to wait almost a whole year for the next one to be released.


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