Tuesday, May 1, 2012

VBT# Baroness - Susan May Warren

Today's VBT# is Baroness by Susan May Warren and is on behalf of Litfuse Publicity.
Review: Baroness - Book #2 Daughters of Fortune Series - Susan May Warren - 2012
It seems that novels come and go with themes as a major theme for the past year has been the roaring 1920's , the year of the flappers with The Chaperone by Laura Moriarty , Beautiful days by Anna Godbersen, Vixen by Jillian Lauren and Lillies in the Moonlight by Alison Pittman and of course leading up to the film "The Great Gatsby" which is to be released later this year starring Leonardo DiCaprio.
In Baroness we meet two cousins Lily and Rosie, they are both expected to marry into money and live an extravagant life and to take hold of the family empire which due to some horrible scandals and rumours is starting to crumble. The two girls though have very different dreams , Lily hates the bustling cities of New York and Paris and wishes for the quiet of her old family ranch in Montana , the western scenes in which she can only dream about whilst devouring novels by Zane Grey - a popular Western author even popular in real-life. Rosie on the other hand dreams of being famous , acting on Broadway and seeing her name flashing in lights.  When tragedy strikes the girls and decisions are to be made , will the girls choose their lives of easy pleasures and luxury over the excitement of adventure ? Will the pair accept the sacrifices that will have to be made in order to obtain their dreams even if it means losing the things and people they care about in the process ?
Baroness follows the story of two girls and the lengths that they will take and the measures that they will have to overcome and even sacrifice to get to where they want to be, a somebody in this world.

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