Review: Coming Home, Stacy Hawkins Adams

As spotlighted in the VBT# , readers here is my review on Stacy Hawkins Adams book "Coming Home".
Review: Coming Home - Stacy Hawkins Adams- February 2012
Seven years has passed and Dayna has gotten along with her life and finally moved on from the husband that cheated on her and the women -her once friend whom he has now married and is in a good job and has meet a wonderful knight in shining armour - Warren. All is going great until one day , Dayna recieves a surprise visit from her ex-husband Brent who has come bearing sad news and hopes of gaining her forgiveness. We learn that Brent is dying and wishes to get all his feelings out in the open as he has never stopped loving Dayna. As the novel goes along , we read as Dayna , Warren , Brent and Tamara all struggle with the reconnection and feelings of jealously and anger will arise as Brent becomes insistent on spending more time with Dayna. Can Dayna open her hurt filled heart to Brent and hear him out or will the hurt bubble up and the pain he caused her , cause an old wound to re-open and tear? Can Dayna's new lover Warren compete with her ex-husband Brent for Dayna's affections or will he soon realise that she is not completely over him and that she may never love him as she did her first husband ? Will Brent realise what a mistake he made or will the re-connection be just the encounter he needs to discover that the life he has with wife Tamara is still standing strong ?
A loving and tearful novel that teaches that no matter what happens when pain and the past catches up with you it will always hurt but if you have faith and hope and learn to stretch beyond that , you leave your heart open to being able to recieve the true meaning of unconditional love.


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