Review: Eve , by Anna Carey

Looking for a new Dystopian novel ?
Review: Eve - Book #1 Eve Series - Anna Carey - October 2011
As the world moves from the Supernatural and Twilight , we come face to face with a new re-vamped genre Dystopian and The Hunger Games. When I heard about this book, I hadn't heard all raving in fact the reviews were quite mixed and pointed on the down side.  However as soon as I opened the book and discovered that the opening quote for Eve by Anna Carey was a quote from one of my all-time favourite Dystopian novels "The Handmaid's Tale" by Margaret Atwood , I knew I would enjoy the book and I did as it brought forth a number of different twists. We are presented with a world that years ago , a plague struck the cities and everyone over the age of 18 passed leaving behind lots of girls and boys. The girls and boys were separated and attended their schools till they were 18 , told that they would have a chance in the big world doing a trade of their choice. However, on the night of their graduation , Eve discovers that the females are in fact being housed as breeding machines and that as Valedictorian Eve is to be handed over to the king and used to produce an heir.  Desperate to escape , Eve with the help of Teacher escapes but along the way she has to be careful she isn't caught. Eve meets up with a gang of boys who escaped the working farms and this part of the story reminded me of Wendy and the Lost Boys as Eve takes on the nurturing and teaching role. Can Eve learn to survive with the help of newfound friend Caleb or will the King's men outwit Caleb and Eve be delivered to the King as his new breeder ?
Discover the Destiny and Fate that lies upon our character in "Eve" by Anna Carey.


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