Review: The Industry - Rose Foster

Did you enjoy the series Numbers by Rachel Ward ? Are you loving the Dystopian ride that Teen Fiction has taken us on ?
Review: The Industry - Book #1 The Industry Series - Rose Foster - March 2012
Do you love puzzles ? I know I do , my favourites tend to be the word puzzles. In Rose Foster's new series, we meet sixteen year old Kirra Hayward who is a mathematics genius . One school day during maths , the class is given an assignment to create a puzzle which includes an equation or mathematical reasoning. Kirra , unsure of what to do exactly logs on to the net and starts to google number puzzles. She comes across one and submits it , nothing happens and she leaves it at that, though it's still niggling in the back of her mind. The next day though Kirra finds her life is about to change and all because she solved some stupid puzzle on the internet. The puzzle turned out to be a code that very few in fact only 4 people have been known to solve it and the remaining are dead so Kirra is the only hope in solving the codes. Soon Kirra is kidnapped and finds herself held hostage with the sole purpose of solving the codes given to her. Kirra will soon realise that if she doesn't do what she is told, there will be severe consequences including death.  We read as Kirra is uprooted from her life as a high achieving sixteen year old girl and girl whose only interest is in school to having to fight to survive and run in order to save herself from an incorporation we learn called "The Industry".
What is "The Industry" and what do the codes lead to ? Will Kirra survive the torment and tribulations ?
Find out in Book #1 The Industry by Rose Foster.


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