Review: Glaen- Fred R. Lybrand

Have you ever wondered about relationships and love ? Ever read a FICTION book that makes you actually stop and reflect on your life ?
Review: Glaen - Fred Lybrand - February 2010
Have you ever read a fiction book and thought OMG that actually relates to my life now and what I am going through ? Why, would you when fiction is supposed to be fake but every now and again you will get an author who can write so amazing and be able to go out and touch many and speak to them through their fictional writings. 
What attracted me firstly to the book was the unusual name and then of course the coffee cup on the front cover reminded me of a Starbucks coffee. 
Glaen was one of the best books I have read as it was not only easy to read and fast-paced but it made you think and re-evaluate your life and the way you do things especially when it comes to romance and relationships which was the main aspect of the novel.
Glaen is set around two main characters Annie and Glaen- a college professor.  The novel starts with Annie signing up to take a Non-Fiction writing course and then she discovers that her parents are getting a divorce and soon all that she has ever thought or known about romance and relationships are blown into the open. So she decides for her class project to write a Non-Fiction book on Romance and Relationships and so begins her journey into observations, note-taking and discussions with friends, family and of course the help of her local coffee shop.
A fun novel of romance, love and relating to one another and after reading this book it definitely put into a clearer perspective of what many of us actually perceive dating to be and how we should look at it to improve ourselves and boost our happiness meter.


  1. Hey Paula,

    Thanks for all the kind words about Glaen...glad you enjoyed it!

    Bless you in all your relating,

    Fred Lybrand


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