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Review: Aroha, by Anaru Bickford

Dystopian, New Zealand Fiction , Teen Fiction ?
Need any more motivation and persuasion to read Aroha by Anaru Bickford , check out the review below :)

Review: Aroha - Anaru Bickford- September 2011
Are you on the lookout for a New Zealand author to read ? Something that fits with the genre of Dystopian ? Something easy to read and will make you ache if you have to put it down for even a second ?
I had heard about this book earlier this year and thought Ok, another one I'll have to add to my To-be-read pile and when I saw it the other day at the library. I picked it up and was like I've got to read it and then as soon as I started , I was like OMG why didn't I read this earlier as I was hooked from the very first page. Aroha by Anaru Bickford was an easy-to read novel that had the words flowing from page to page.
Aroha to my surprise took place in America , I had been expecting a book set in New Zealand and introduces us to the main character Aroha - a Maori girl who has come from New Zealand to live with her Aunty and Uncle along with her cousin Mary. As I read the book, I felt sorry for Aroha as her cousin Mary was so rude and constantly picking and getting others to bully Aroha. I do have to say, I did like the fact that Aroha proved Mary wrong and stood up for herself and showed Mary that she wasn't just another weakling for her to pick on. We discover that Aroha is different and has been having dreams of what seemed like Armaggedon- The END of the WORLD. This made me wonder what way the book was going to turn as I definitely had no idea of what I was in for but OMG it definitely was a twist in the last half of the novel as we learn the truth about who Aroha is and what her purpose for having those dreams or nightmares depending which way you look at it and we also read and find out the root of why Mary hates Aroha with as much as she does , enough rage to want her dead.
Aroha is an amazing melting pot mix of Religion, Maori Myths and Legends, American Life, Dystopian and New Zealand life and is a must read for all as I guarantee this is one teen book you won't be able to put down at all and will want to be reading it till the very last page.


  1. Hi Paula, would you mind if I use one of your images up there (map of NZ) for a library blog post? Couldn't find any information on whether you have used a CC license for your blog content or not.

    1. Hey Mona, that's fine . I haven't as they are mostly Google Images. Feel free to Copy and Paste :)


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