Friday, May 11, 2012

Review: Tess, Terrorists & Tiaras - Terry Baldwin

Looking for a nice easy Indie read ? One that will get you thinking about a number of different issues people face in life ?
Review: Tess , Terrorists and The Tiara - Terry Baldwin- April 2012
When I saw the cover of this book , it sounded like something I would read and then I read the blurb and I was intrigued. Though, it wasn't until I started to get into the novel that I realised in a personal way how much the book related to aspects of my life. The first thing that attracted me to the story was in fact the Tiara and the fact that this novel touched a little bit on beauty contests as I find reading about these type of reality contests fun and enjoyable, though I'm not really one to watch them on TV. The next part was when I discovered that the Grandma in the novel has developed Alzheimer's Disease. A couple of years ago my Grandad developed Alzheimer's and went downhill quite quickly and the third aspect was that we learn that living across the lake is a group of Muslims whom are mistaken for Terrorists and that one of the daughters has autism , this related to me as I have two siblings and a parent with it and as it is genetic, I can trace it through my Grandad's side of the family.
In Tess, Terrorists and The Tiara , we meet Tess and her sister Bree. This summer their Grandmother developed Alzheimer's and as promised one of the grandaughters will recieve the Tiara which Tess's grandmother won over 50yrs ago. In order to win the tiara, the girls must earn brownie points. Out on the lake one day, Tess discovers a group of Muslims and lets her imagination with the help of neighbour Frank go wild into believing that they are in fact a group of terrorists out to steal her Grandmother's Tiara.
A novel that has it's fun moments as well as touching as we watch two families struggle in their own ways to adapt to their families environments.

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