Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Review: Wish You Were Here - Phillipa Ashley

As we continue through the month of May and in turn celebrate International Chick Lit Month, I bring to you an oldie but a goodie book I read when I was first discovering the world of Chick Lit Books.
Review: Wish You Were Here - Phillipa Ashley- 2011
I Paula Phillips am a self-proclaimed lover of Chick Lit Books and I adore the books published by the company "Little Black Dress" for three simple reasons. They are easy-to-read , the stories are romantic and can keep you on edge as you know the way you want it to turn out but everytime you turn the page thinking this will be the moment something else happens and you sit there going will they ever find the right moment and when they do find that perfect moment , it's a special moment. The third reason is that I am a happily ever after type girl and am a romantic at heart. 
In Wish You Were Here by Phillipa Ashley , we meet Beth Allen and Jack.  Eight years ago, Beth and Jack fell in love and had a whirlwind romance, it was perfect until Jack of course asked her to marry him , Beth said Yes and then Jack vanished leaving her confused and heartbroken. Fast forward, eight years Jack is CEO of BigOutdoors and Beth now has a MBA in Business and looking for a job, so that she can help support her family. When a job opens up at BigOutdoors, Beth applies unbeknownst that Jack is in charge and will be her boss. For eight long years, Beth has planned in her head what she would say to Jack, will she get the chance or will the job be too much of an opportunity for her to lose ? 
Beth has a long term partner Marcus, but it seems that the pair aren't well suited and then Jack has a on/off girlfriend with the editor of Voyages magazine, when a work-trip to Corsica arises and Beth and Jack find themselves together will this be the chance they need to rekindle their relationship and for Beth to finally unravel the truth and receive the answers on why Jack stood her up ?
Has Beth and Jack been given a second chance at love or will their current relationship statuses stand in their way ?
Lovers of Sophie Kinsella's book "Can You Keep a Secret ?" will enjoy Wish You Were Here.

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