Review: Stay Close- Harlan Coben

One of my all-time favourite mystery writers is Harlan Coben and I can say that I have read every single book he has written to date, one I did not enjoy but the rest I have loved. Today reader's I bring to you the latest in his collection of books. I must have picked up on the release of this book quite quickly as it turned out to be #48 of #653 on my To read list on
Review: Stay Close - Harlan Coben - March 2012
Moving away from the Myron Bolitar series as it came to a close, many readers thought hmmm have we seen the end of Harlan Coben ? It seems though that we are not yet to give up on him as he is still producing wonderful stand-alone thrillers. 
In his latest hit "Stay Close" we meet three people all with a dark secret that is about to be blown into the open, a secret that many of them have tried to keep hidden for seventeen years and some even longer.
Seventeen years ago, two people disappeared off the face of the planet and only one remained. One, Cassie ran away from her life and went to start anew as a Suburban mum named Megan along with her husband and two children.  One, was a famous photographer off to great success ended up as a paid photographer taking photos of random people pretending to be famous and the other a detective went on to lose his marriage and the case he was working on became his obsession. These three people's lives changed all because of one man Stewart Green. Now, rumours ablaze is that he is alive and well and is back in Atlanta and these three people want to see for themselves. So begins a journey of reliving the past and discovering the evil truth about what really happened that night seventeen years ago. It seems though, that you can't actually trust anyone and when one case has so many conflicting stories, can one really discover the actual truth ?
Stay Close is a fight for survival in a case , that if anyone really wants to discover what happened and stay very much alive ,it may work in their favour to stay very close together and have ,  always have back-up.
Another wonderful mystery by Harlan Coben and one that when you do discover what is going on and who the "real" top-dog is , it will surprise you.


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