Monday, May 14, 2012

VBT# The Good Father , Diane Chamberlain Part 1/2

Today's VBT# is part 1/2 and is celebrating Diane Chamberlain's book "The Good Father"
Today readers, we have a Guest Post from author Diane Chamberlain and stay tuned in the upcoming week for a review on her Book "The Good Father". 

From the Desk of Diane Chamberlain :

How did closing your private psychotherapy practice influence your
writing? Do you have any regrets or do you still believe in following your

When I first started writing, I'd hoped to continue my private practice,
but as the demands of my writing career grew, it quickly became clear I
would have to pick one or the other. I loved them both, but my dream of
being a writer went back to my childhood. Plus, I knew how hard I'd worked
on my books and how fortunate I was to be published. I couldn't give that
It was very hard to end my practice. I'd published three books by that
time, but my identity had still very much been connected to being a
clinical social worker. Plus, my practice had been primarily with
adolescents and I would miss working with them so much. Many of my clients
touched my life as much as I touched theirs. I still hear from a few of
them and it's wonderful to see them grow into a happy adulthood and know I
had a small part in that.
Obviously, I believe in following your dreams, but I also believe in
making enough money to keep a roof over your head and food on the table.
In my case, my husband of twenty years was willing to carry the main
financial burden as I built my writing career-or so I thought. The very
week that I ended my practice, however, he told me he'd fallen in love
with someone else, and just like that my "perfect marriage" was over and
with it, my financial support. It was a panicky time in many ways.
However, I signed a wonderful new contract and for the first time, I
actually could support myself writing. That was sheer luck, though, and I
don't advise quitting your day job without a safety net. The bottom line
for me is that I feel very blessed to have had two careers that have
allowed me to touch people in a positive way.

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