Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Review: Always Upbeat/All That - Stephanie Perry Moore

Looking for an Urban teen Christian Fiction novel ? Do you enjoy the author Stephanie Perry Moore ? Check out her latest book with an added feature which puts a new meaning to there are two sides to every story.

Review: Always Upbeat/ All That - Lockwood Lions Book #1 - Stephanie Perry Moore - June 2012
Ready Ok , Go Lions for Charli Black she has lived the perfect life as a modern rich girl , she has the looks , the cheerleading skills , the money and the good grades and to top it all off she is also dating the lead footballer Blake Strong.  Life is looking great and can only get better or so she believes when she makes Captain of the Varsity Cheerleading Squad. Life, though never turns out the way we want it too and unfortunately everything seems to crash at the same time and Charli is in for the motherload. First, her boyfriend Blake seems to have a bit of a wandering eye and when Charli won't give him what he wants , he turns his attention to Jackie - a girl who comes across easy in the novel , then Charli's parents are having problems at home and out one night driving, Charli witnesses her father having an affair with a colleague - is it a one off or has it been going on for a long time ? The pressure of her family life and life in general proves too much and she starts to take it out on her squad. Is losing her friends and the people she cares about worth being Cheerleading Captain ?
Find out all this and more and read as Charli finds it difficult to stay "Always Upbeat".
Stephanie's new book provides us with a difference and the saying "There are two sides to every story " rings true as the novel flips over to Blake's story in "All That".
We read about Blake's first encounter with Jackie and the pressure he is under to stay faithful to Charli , no matter what Charli believes. Life for Blake isn't easy either as having the Coach of the Football team as his dad means that he is expected to be the Best of the Best . When Blake's mother is diagnosed with Cancer, Blake tries to turn to Charli but it seems like lately she is nowhere to be found and he feels his whole life falling apart - Enter in Jackie , the one person who will listen to him. Is he using Jackie as a rebound girl or has he in fact moved on from Charli ?
Find out all this and more in "All That".

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